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Arianespace reaffirms its confidence in VINCI Energies

Arianespace once again places its trust in Actemium and Cegelec Space’s German teams and extends its service contracts for the Guiana Space Centre until 2019.

A lasting partnership: Actemium and Cegelec Space’s German teams have been working on the Guiana Space Centre site in Kourou for over 50 years. Arianespace recently reaffirmed its confidence in them by extending their service contracts for the site.

The teams are responsible for the maintenance and operation of fluid networks and for specialised mechanical engineering. “We maintain the equipment used to fill the Ariane, Vega and Soyuz launchers with both gas and fuel”, explains Bernard Assié, Cegelec Space director. “We manage the equipment that transports the various types of fluids, including the cryogenic fluid, to the launcher”. These products need to be handled with extreme care by the fuel workers who wear special protective equipment, which includes a type of spacesuit for some tasks. “During the launch countdown, our teams are active right up until H0 -7 seconds before launch”.

The German Actemium and Cegelec Space teams also maintain and operate the satellite preparation buildings and maintain the personal protective equipment (PPE). “We provide logistical support to clients who are preparing their satellite for launch”, adds Bernard Assié.

Additionally, they provide all-trades project management and support services for the Guiana Space Centre facilities (energy, air conditioning, infrastructure, etc.) and are in charge of document control (management, updates, etc.).

To find out more about our operations at the Guiana Space Centre spend 24 hours in Kourou with JérômeThe Guiana Space Centre spend 24 hours in Kourou with Jérôme.

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