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Axians to fit out thecamp auditorium

Axians is to install the audiovisual and multimedia equipment for Thecamp’s auditorium in such a way that it blends with the site’s specific, transparent style of architecture.

Located at the centre of the campus, the auditorium will offer 175 seats. Axians, the VINCI Energies information and communications technologies brand, is to fit latest generation equipment in it while at the same time taking account of the site’s various specific characteristics. Axians will be responsible for installing a 6m-wide screen and a high-power, full HD projector. “Due to the site’s open and semi-transparent architectural concept, it may be very bright. We paid particular attention to the screens to be fitted so that brightness wouldn’t be a problem“, explains Frankie Céleste, head of Axians.

Controlled directivity speakers will produce an optimal and uniform sound level (excellent intelligibility) throughout the auditorium. “We can control the sound at virtually every seat“, points out Frankie Céleste.

An open location in every sense of the term

With the giant screen it will be possible to multicast the events taking place within the auditorium. Using a tablet, for example, people will be able to follow what is happening there no matter where they are in Thecamp. Cameras with broadcast quality imaging are also to be provided so as to foster interactivity between participants during videoconferences, tele-education sessions and teleconferences. The cameras are motorised and will be controlled by the sound recording.

All of the sound and image equipment will be wireless. The central part of the system is based on a DigitalMedia high-capacity matrix which manages audio, video and multimedia both inside and outside the auditorium. All of the systems are controlled by a supervision and management system. Intuitively accessible from a wireless tablet, the interface is within everyone’s reach, from the novice to the technophile.

The site and its open architecture is exceptional; and the auditorium’s equipment is high-end and very good quality. It’s not every day that we install this standard of equipment in auditoriums; the challenge is to ensure that the material is easy to use and intuitive, and that the technology gives way to or takes a backseat to use and information“, states Frankie Céleste.

Works should begin for Axians in the third quarter of 2016.