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Rouen: from supervision to hypervision, from signs to smartphones

VINCI Energies has designed and installed a comprehensive urban traffic management system in Rouen, producing tangible results. It was our lighting and urban space brand Citeos, a partner of the city of Rouen since 2007, which provided the city with its expertise on the project.

Since Citeos‘ involvement in the project in Rouen, journey times have been cut by 25% on average. This is a significant reduction, considering the contribution it makes to the attractiveness of the city.

The project involved thoroughly rethinking flow management in order to optimise journey times and balance the various modes of travel within the city, as well as renovating 120 traffic light intersections, building a telecommunications network and designing a traffic regulation system.

The works also included the construction of a control centre, video surveillance of strategic junctions, traffic supervision using 440 sensors, remote management of 14 car parks and digital signage for users.

« Thousands of sensors, detectors and cameras are today scattered across French cities so as to reduce road congestion, amongst other things. This type of technology is still essential, and proved its worth in Rouen, in particular, by helping to cut journey times by 25%. But it is likely to be replaced, before long, by in-car technologies that transmit information in real time to smartphones. We are moving into the hypervision age », explains Jean-Marc Raymond, Citeos business unit manager in Rouen.

People will be able to use their smartphones to be guided right to their parking space or to access information in real time about public transport and car-sharing vehicles, thus paving the way for multimodal mobility, tomorrow’s travel concept where different means of transport are combined in a single journey.

Watch this video clip about Citeos