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VINCI Energies involved in construction of world’s largest cruise ship

Several VINCI Energies business units were involved in works on Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, built in Saint-Nazaire.

Harmony of the Seas breaks all records: 362m long – the length of three football pitches – it can carry some 6,300 passengers and as many as 2,394 crew members. Built at the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire on behalf of ship-owner Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the mega ship was launched in mid-May.

Four VINCI Energies business units participated in this exceptional project

SDEL Navis, in partnership with TIAB Craiova and Le Gall, carried out the wiring works.“SDEL Navis has recognised expertise. Wiring in complex environments such as ships is a very specific trade. In fact, several trades are underway at the same time in projects like this. So that means we have to be fully familiar with the environment in which we are operating in order to be efficient,” explains Olivier Grenesche, director at VINCI Energies. A total of 60 SDEL Navis employees were mobilised, with 80 people involved at peak periods. Some 950km of cable were laid.

Business unit SDEL Contrôle Commande carried out part of the electrical cabinets installed on the ship. The 250 LV sub-distribution boards are used for lighting and powering electrical outlets, for example.

Other ongoing orders and options to be exercised give SDEL Navis the certainty of further projects with STX, a client with whom the company has been working for 20 years now.