Metro Ligne 14 Texte

VINCI Energies to participate in line 14 works under Grand Paris development scheme

VINCI Energies is to get involved in the Grand Paris scheme, having secured the “low voltage” package for the northern extension of line 14 of the Paris metro system between Saint-Lazare and Mairie de Saint-Ouen.

SDEL Transport en commun, a VINCI Energies business unit, has won the “low voltage” package for the project which aims to free line 13 of a quarter of its passengers by extending line 14 to Mairie de Saint-Ouen.

SDEL Transport en Commun, SDEL transport Grands Projets and Actemium Paris Transport will carry out the works in the 5.5km-tunnel, along with the four ancillary structures and two of the four underground stations in the extended section. The two remaining stations are part of a package which is in the process of being awarded.

The business units are to carry out the low voltage works that will help power and monitor, via the transformer, all of the terminal equipment serving the lighting, ventilation, and communications and data installations.

SDEL Transport en commun is also considering installing machinery specifically developed by the company, which will assist workers in deploying cable routes and cables in the tunnel.

A major and demanding project

“A key feature of the project is that we get involved before the track works for the tunnel section. This isn’t common in our business and it means working to a very tight schedule”, explains Jérémy Deville, head of SDEL Transport en commun.

The business unit will work between 1.30 and 4.30am at night on the interconnection at Saint-Lazare station so to avoid disrupting traffic. “A lot of preparation is required in mobilising teams on the tracks, installing the equipment and completing the works within such a short deadline”, he adds.

The stakes are high for these companies. Because they specialise in public transport infrastructure, they have set their sights on the Grand Paris scheme and have already worked on the T6 tram line project. “We constantly update our training for the RATP (Paris public transport system), the SNCF (French national railway company), and so on, so that we can meet their expectations”, explains Jérémy Deville. “As things stand, line 14 equates, in terms of volume, to what we would expect to see on future line 15 projects for example”.

The project should start in September 2016 and is set to run for a period of two and a half years.